Code of Conduct and Student Rights (Board Policy 5300)

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    Code of Conduct for All Individuals on School Property 

    All of those who use or occupy school property or premises under the control of the school are expected to model safe, lawful, respectful and civil behavior. This includes parents, staff, members of the board of education and all visitors to the school district property. Those in violation of the following code of conduct will be asked to leave school premises; or may be subject to action by law enforcement agencies. Employees of the school district may be subject to applicable employee disciplinary proceedings.

    The Following Student and Visitor Conduct is Prohibited on School Property:

    • physical injury to another person or the threat of such injury;
    • verbal, physical or other forms of harassment or coercion of another;
    • willful damage to, or destruction of property;
    • disruption of the educational process or of any school program or activity;
    • unauthorized entry upon school property;
    • interference with the lawful and authorized activities of others;
    • using vulgar or abusive language, cursing or swearing.
    • possession, sale or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs; and, the possession or use of a weapon of any kind or any other objection that reasonably can be considered a weapon.
    • use of tobacco products on school property.

    Student Rights

    Generally, students are entitled to:

    • pursue their education in an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to learning-free from bullying, intimidation and any form of harassment or threats;
    • a course of study that responds to their educational needs;
    • respect from all members of the school community;
    • the procedural due process provided by law;
    • freedom of speech and expression that does not disrupt the educational process or infringe upon the rights of others;
    • freedom from discrimination;
    • a clear description of the rules that apply to them in school; and,
    • freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

    Students with special needs are entitled to have their educational needs and behavior evaluated on the basis of those needs.

    Student Responsibilities

    Student responsibilities include:

    • demonstrating respect for and kindness to others;
    • working to achieve their full potential;
    • following school rules and the directions of school staff, faculty and administration;
    • fulfilling all educational assignments and obligations;
    • demonstrating respect for school property and for the property of others;
    • modeling good conduct;
    • to be punctual and in regular attendance at school and in class;
    • presenting themselves neatly in clothing that is safe and suitable for school activities and will not disrupt the education process; and,
    • financial responsibilities for books, tools, computers, locks or any other school property or equipment provided to them

    Student Dress Code

    The code of conduct contains a dress code that applies to all students. Generally, students are expected to dress in a manner that is safe, appropriate, and not disruptive. Clothing that is revealing, vulgar, promotes drug, tobacco or alcohol use, is provocative, or disrupts the educational process in any manner is prohibited.

    Reporting Violations

    All members of the school community have a duty to report activity that threatens safety. Anyone observing or hearing of a person possessing a weapon, alcohol or illegal substance shall report this information to a teacher or administrator immediately, without exception. All other violations should be reported to a teacher or administrator as soon as possible.


    School property may be searched at any time and for any reason by school officials. Students have no reason to expect privacy in school-owned or school-controlled spaces. Students and their property may be searched upon reasonable suspicion that contraband or a weapon is present. Please refer to Policy 5330 Searches and Interrogations.