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Superintendent Memo (Sept. 15): Student Transportation Update

September 15, 2021

The following message from Lansingburgh Superintendent, Dr. Abitabile, was emailed to all Lansingburgh families on Wednesday, September 15.

It is a follow-up to last week's memo about student transportation this school year. 

Dr. Abitabile's message is also available on district letterhead here.

Lansingburgh School Community:

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the issues we are having with transportation this year. The two issues we have heard repeatedly from our community are lack of communication and missing/late bus runs. Below is a summary of the improvements we are currently in the process of implementing to address those needs:

1) Starting this afternoon, additional staff has been added during arrival and dismissal times. These staff will be sending out real-time updates on transportation delays via automated emails and text messages.

2) Starting on Thursday, Birnie Bus has upgraded its phone systems to increase their availability for families to call and report transportation issues.

Birnie Bus Phone Number: (518) 608-1215
We will promptly notify everyone if additional Birnie Bus phone numbers become available.

3) By next Tuesday (September 21), a complete rerouting of our bus routes will be fully implemented. We are phasing in these changes starting today. Unfortunately, this does take some time because every single family needs to be called and alerted of the changes. This call will be coming from a District employee and you may have already received it earlier this week.

This will continue to be a work in progress and we apologize for any undue stress this has already caused.

Ever Upwards,

Dr. Antonio W. Abitabile, Ed. D.