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"Caught Being a Knight" Program Highlighted KMS Students' "Random Acts of Knightness"

July 30, 2021

Another story from the back half of the Lansingburgh 20-21 school year to brighten up this rainy summer! The last one we shared with you was from Turnpike Elementary and today’s is from Knickerbacker Middle School.

2020-2021 was a tough school year for everyone, so KMS created a new student recognition program in late April to build positive vibes. Entitled Caught Being a Knight, the new program honored KMS students seen displaying “Random Acts of Knightness” around the middle school building. The names used for the program are of course inspired by the Lansingburgh Knights, but also Tyrone the Knight (the KMS/LHS Mascot you’ve perhaps seen around the two schools).

Acts of Knightness are just what you would expect based on the name. For the last few weeks of April, KMS Teachers kept a sharp eye out for middle schoolers who made a point to show kindness, respect or compassion to others in the KMS community.

Acts of Knightness examples included things like:

  • Helping a fellow classmate with something
  • Cleaning up your work area without being asked to
  • Using respectful language in classes and around the building
  • Taking the higher road and if antagonized by a peer

Students Caught Being a Knight had their Acts of Knightness tracked on Lansingburgh Knight Shields and teachers could add students to the KMS Morning Announcements for a shout-out from Assistant Principal Tacelli.

KMS students “caught in the act” 5 times got their names included on very cool 4-foot Lansingburgh Knightness Swords (one for each grade level) that hung in the KMS/LHS Library Media Center through the end of the 20-21 school year to highlight their Knightness. Many thanks to the KMS STEM Club students for making the giant Knightness Swords! Students honored at this particular level also had their names entered into raffles for gift cards that were generously donated by the KMS Student Council.

Congratulations to the KMS students listed below who were Caught Being a Knight and recognized for their Random Acts of Knightness in Spring 2021:

  • Shai'Na Anderson
  • Natosha Hemingway
  • Logan Martinez
  • Desoni Belton
  • Jaden Sheldon
  • John Williams
  • Jazmira Martin Skolnick
  • Christian Espada
  • Sicily Thomas
  • Ella Manupella
  • Masin Devoe
  • Taylor Huggins
  • Cynthia Walsh
  • Jonathan Larkin
  • Chad Macey
  • Nasr Hussein
  • Almutasem Abuzaid
  • Nataliya Mattox
  • Alexis Foy
  • Jacob Millington
  • Ava Fracee
  • Ehsan Omer
  • Ismail Abuzaid
  • Hafaz Nagi
  • Isabella Rahm
  • Shawnte Williams
  • Gus Garrett
  • Saydee Echandy
  • Devan Bull
  • Amelia Dyer
  • David Coonradt-Ernest
  • Ethan Wood
  • Justine Moe
  • Shaharia Williams
  • Jose RIvera
  • Jason Lajeunesse
  • Mackenzie McCulloch
  • Alisa Gray
  • Riley VanDervoort
  • Ryan Metcalfe
  • DeJon Sostre
  • Javier Cruz
  • Jaime Perez
  • Emya Fite
  • Danica McGee
  • Marcus Andrade
  • Cole Franklin
  • Danielle Marble
  • Lorelei Miles
  • Anthony Williams-McFadden
  • Keimar Francis
  • Naziyah Cobb- Walton
  • Jamal Rozier
  • Adriana Sheppie
  • Darius Tucker
  • Guilianna Van Cott
  • Jocelyn Lesson
  • Xavier Rodriguez
  • Elijah Mathes
  • Reid Liscum
  • Ariana Hart
  • Brayden Wilkson
  • Zaira Villeneuve
  • Skylar Charron
  • Jeremy Herring
  • Joshua Rosecrans
  • Charles Hauser
  • Joshua Cavanaugh
  • De'Vonce Harvey
  • Jazzmen Stark
  • Quazier Arroyo
  • CJ Monge
  • Aaliyah Broadus
  • Kyla Brooks
  • Savana VanBramer
  • Tyler Tibbets
  • Issabella Williams
  • Cameron Blais
  • Julia Gray
  • Alexis Martin
  • Emily Wood
  • Bridget Danskins
  • Elijah Rose
  • Luis Molarles
  • Nassier Frazier
  • Zack Cummins
  • Ryan Tufts
  • Jaden Smith
  • Eli Bermudes
  • Shawn Pollack
  • Tyler Loya
  • Brandon Phillips
  • Daren French
  • Yoseph Talabah Sharhan
  • Yazminah Giles Sumter

All in all, Caught Being a Knight was a big hit all throughout KMS and brought a lot of joy to the last quarter of the school year. Thank you to the Middle School Climate Committee for creating and coordinating this wonderful initiative that we hope continues for many KMS school years to come!