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Superintendent Memo (May 20): School Resource Officer Body Cams

The following message from District Superintendent, Dr. Abitabile, was emailed to all Lansingburgh families on Thursday, May 20. You can also find it as a PDF on district letterhead here. 

Lansingburgh School Community,

This letter is to notify you of a new practice related to our School Resource Officer (“SRO”) from the Troy Police Department. Effective immediately, Officer Streeter, and any other SRO who may be assigned to our schools, will be wearing a body camera while on campus in accordance with the Department’s new body camera policy.

This change has been initiated by the Department as the result of recent Police Reform Committee meetings. The body cameras are intended for general law enforcement needs outside of school. However, as an officer in the Troy Police Department, Officer Streeter or another SRO is required to wear one while on duty.

The purpose of body cameras is to monitor police activity, not spy on students or employees. The body camera will be turned off most of the time and will be activated by Officer Streeter or another SRO only if there is an incident in which law enforcement action is involved. When recording, red lights will be displayed, along with audible sounds at regular intervals to alert those involved. Examples of situations in which Officer Streeter or another SRO may need to switch on their body camera include a physical altercation between students/staff or while investigating an incident such as a potential threat or illegal activity on campus. In the event the SRO’s body camera is activated, the video recording would be retained by the Troy Police Department in a secure cloud server. While it is possible that the District may request a copy of the video in certain circumstances, normally the video recordings will not be retained by the District.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me at (518) 233-6850.


Dr. Antonio W. Abitabile,

Ed. D. LCSD Superintendent