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Dates for Unused Emergency Closing Days : May 27-28, June 1, 11 & 18

April 14, 2021

The following message from District Superintendent, Dr. Abitabile, was emailed to all Lansingburgh families on Wednesday, April 14. Please review the information carefully as it contains dates for the district's unused Emergency Closing Days. All Lansingburgh schools and offices will be closed on the days listed in Dr. Abitabile's message below. 

Good afternoon Lansingburgh School Community,

As it seems that Winter has finally passed, our school calendar needs to be updated to reflect the need to schedule unused Emergency Closing Days into our School Calendar. While we did cancel classes on two days this year (10/8 and 12/17), both of which were locally declared states of emergency and required all non-essential vehicle travel to be suspended.

According to a new Waiver Provision from the NYS Education Department, those days do NOT get charged to the District and do NOT count against our 180-day or minimum instructional hour requirements. As stated in the memo, "Pursuant to Chapter 605, districts may still claim the session day and instructional hours that had previously been scheduled prior to the declaration of a state emergency. Further, districts do not need to use up vacation days to get credit for days buildings were closed at the direction of a state of emergency declaration.”

Therefore, all schools and offices will be closed on the following days:

  • Thursday, May 27
  • Friday, May 28
  • Tuesday, June 1
  • Friday, June 11
  • Friday, June 18