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PICTURES: KMS Students Win Award at Renewable Energy Competition

Knickerbacker Middle School students earned the Judge's Award at the Capital Region KidWind Competition held on March 18, 2023, at Sand Creek Middle School in Colonie! In these competitions, student teams work together to create and test wind turbines and solar structures.

As part of their involvement in Lansingburgh's 21st Century After School Program, students Jayson Bennett, Cayden Clark, Nate Lake, La'Ny Sierra and Wes Barley-Williams worked with teachers to design/build a working wind turbine for the STEM competition.

The group tested their turbine in a wind tunnel and increased their power output in each trial of the competition. They also had to present their knowledge of wind energy to a panel of renewable energy engineering experts.

Because of their perseverance, spirit and work ethic in the competition, they earned the Judge's Award at the closing ceremonies. Congratulations to this group of middle schoolers, very proud of them! 

To learn about enrolling your middle or high school student in the district's 21st Century After School Program, visit this page.