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KMS Student & Class Winners of January ELA Reading Challenge

February 19, 2023

During January, Mrs. Kilmer's Knickerbacker Middle School ELA Classes competed in a creative reading challenge. If students read any sort of informational text (not limited to just physical books), then they would receive a snowflake with their name on it that was displayed in the room. The snowflakes would be tallied at the end of the month to determine which class and individual students read the most during January.

By the end of the month, Mrs. Kilmer's Period 3 Class came in 1st place with a total of 337 informational texts read and Period 6/7 took 2nd place with 236 informational texts read. The top informational reader students were Shaniah McClain, Alex Garrett, Collin Weaver and Joe Marble.

Taking the win for the entire KMS Blue Team with the most read was Haneen Abrahim, who read 108 informational texts! Mrs. Kilmer wants to thank the entire KMS Blue Team for not only participating but gaining so much knowledge. In total, the KMS Blue Team read 948 texts!