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2019-2020 Revised Budget Up for Re-vote on June 18, 2019

5/24/2019 - We are presenting a revised version of the 2019-2020 budget for a re-vote on Tuesday, June 18, after the initially proposed budget was voted down by Lansingburgh residents on May 21.

In the coming weeks, we'll finalize a revised version of the 19-20 budget which will carry a 0.46% tax levy increase, which meets the New York State allowable tax cap. This means we will a need normal majority vote (50% or more) for the revised 19-20 budget to pass and not the supermajority vote (60% or more) the initially proposed budget required to pass.  

Since the revised budget will not exceed our allowable New York State tax cap, this also means that eligible residents will receive their School Tax Relief (STAR) rebate check if the revised budget passes.   


Revised Budget Vote Time and Location

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Time: 12 PM - 9 PM

Polling Locations 


Second Budget Failure

Should the budget fail a second time, the District is required to adopt a contingency budget. Under a contingent budget, the District cannot purchase student supplies, equipment or make any non-emergency Capital Expenditures. No outside groups would be allowed to use any school grounds, whether that be classrooms, gym space or field use.