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PICTURES: District-Wide STEAM Day

5/23/2019 - On May 21 we held our district-wide STEAM Day. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
Every Lansingburgh school was filled with activities and games focused on at least one of these topics, with most fusing together a few of them. Some of the many activities in the schools that day included: 
  • Virtual Field Trip at Turnpike Elementary where students remotely visited an elephant sanctuary.

  • Ozobot Reading at Rensselaer Park: Students read a story to an Ozobot, then mapped out character changes and mood using different colored paths for the Ozobots.

  • Offline Coding using Twister game mats at Knickerbacker Middle School.

  • MC Escher inspired drawing challenge at Lansingburgh High School.   

Look through some pictures of the day below. There's still some more to come!