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Join Us for the "Knight Health Quest at Knickerbacker Park" on Sept. 23!

We are excited to announce that Lansingburgh Central School District is partnering with the Russell Sage College Physical Therapy Department to host a special family event to kick off the fall season: The Knight Health Quest at Knickerbacker Park

The Knight Health Quest takes place on Friday, September 23, from 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM.

All Lansingburgh CSD families and students are invited to spend the “knight” taking a fun-filled quest through Knickerbacker Park. Along the way, students will learn about fun, creative ways to stay healthy and active at a variety of game and activity stations.  

Knight Health Quest Games & Activities Will Include:

  • “Freeze Dancing” - like Red Light/Green Light, except with dancing!

  • “Giant Twister” - Everyone already loves Twister, but now try a giant version!

  • “Knights Javelin Toss” - With foam noodles!  

  • “Parachute Palooza” - You’ll have to show up to see what this is, but we assure you it’ll be awesome! 

  • And so much more!!!

The Knight Health Quest at Knickerbacker Park is completely free and open to all Lansingburgh Central School families. Free food, snacks and water will also be provided for attendees.     

If you are planning to attend the Lansingburgh Knights Varsity Football home game that same night, there will be plenty of time to do both! The Knight Health Quest winds down at 6:30 PM and the football games kick off at 7:00 PM right next door at Lansingburgh High School. Plus, all who attend the Knight Health Quest will receive a FREE ticket to the game!

Please RSVP If Planning to Attend

If you and your family plan on attending the Knight Health Quest on Friday, September 23 at Knickerbacker Park, please take a moment to fill out the following RSVP below so we can estimate how many will attend and how much food to order. Thank you!   

Click here to RSVP for the Knight Health Quest


If you would like more information about the Knight Health Quest at Knickerbacker Park, reach out to Lansingburgh’s Director of School Community Partnerships, Joseph Otter, by email (