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PICTURES: District Ally Program Kicks Off at KMS!

September 29, 2021
Today Lansingburgh kicked off its new Ally Program with an icebreaker event at Knickerbacker Middle School. 
Lansingburgh's Ally Program will be in all four school buildings starting this year and today's icebreaker at KMS was a way for the grade 6-8 students to meet up with their assigned allies. Some met with their Ally in the KMS Cafeteria (pictured in the gallery below) while others met in small groups on Google Meet (as you will also see some students and Principal Phelan doing in the gallery).

The Ally Program has been established with the intent of ensuring every Lansingburgh student has a reliable teacher or staff member in their school they can reach out to for emotional and/or academic support during the year.

The Ally Program is structured as a tiered system based on the individual needs of each Lansingburgh student. Students can speak with their Ally anytime they would like but depending on what tier a student is in, their Ally will reach out to them more frequently during the week. Each teacher/staff Ally will work with the same 3-5 students, ensuring consistency and reliable relationships.

With the Ally Program, Lansingburgh’s goal is to strengthen its student and teacher/staff bonds, making sure students have a strong social-emotional foundation on which to build their academic success.