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COVID-19 Update (Sept. 28): Positive Cases Notification

September 28, 2021

The following message from Lansingburgh Superintendent, Dr. Abitabile, was emailed to all Lansingburgh families on Tuesday, September 28.

All school reopening news and COVID-19 updates can be found on the district’s 2021-2022 Reopening Updates page here.

Please be informed that we were notified yesterday (Sept. 27) of 2 positive cases of COVID-19 at Turnpike Elementary, 1 at Knickerbacker Middle School and 2 at Lansingburgh High School.  
As a result of contact tracing, an additional 4 people have been quarantined at Turnpike Elementary, 1 student at Rensselaer Park Elementary and 1 student at Lansingburgh High School.

At this time, all individuals who were possibly exposed and told they must quarantine have been contacted. If you were not contacted no further action is needed on your part.
Antonio W. Abitabile
LCSD Superintendent