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PICTURES: Against All Odds, 1st Grader's Welcomed Snowball the Pumpkin to Class!

July 12, 2021

A bright story for you from the 2nd half of the 20-21 school year to light up this rainy summer! Mrs. Alberino and Mrs. McNutt’s 1st graders planted pumpkin seeds in class waaaay back in October 2020, which they eventually brought home. While some of the seeds sprouted before going home with them, it wasn’t expected they’d last through the winter. Yet the following months brought an unexpected surprise to the class and the following project fittingly was named “Against All Odds”.   

One of their students, Levigh, brought his plant home to his grandmother, Melody (also known as Melmo), and asked if she could help save the wilting pumpkin seedling. Against the odds, Melmo rejuvenated the plant, giving it special care through all of the last winter by engineering an indoor growing space, maintaining proper moisture, ensuring it had proper plant nutrition and even hand-pollinating it. The result: a pumpkin the students named Snowball!

Melmo updated the class throughout Snowball’s entire rejuvenation/growth process by emailing many pictures and answering the questions they sent back. Each update on Snowball’s progress was like a science class and students loved this interactive experiment that helped them work on problem-solving and learn next-generation science standards.

After months of growth at her home, Melmo brought Snowball over to Turnpike so the students could finish out the year with the pumpkin in class with them. As you’ll see in the pictures, Snowball flourished over the months, starting as a plant in a small cup and ending up as a full pumpkin with a 24-foot vine!

That’s not the end of the story, though. To top it all off, since Melmo was carefully documenting Snowball’s progress with pictures through the months, she created a picture book on Shutterfly for the class! With funding help from very generous friends of the district, the Breton Family, each student was able to receive their very own copy of the picture book entitled Snowball’s Blossoms! To say the least, Mrs. Alberino and Mrs. McNutt’s students were thrilled to receive these gifts commemorating their month’s long class project.     

We are SO grateful to Melmo for the time, care and attention she devoted to raising Snowball and for working with our students! Further special thanks go to the Breton family for making it possible to provide all these students with a copy of Snowball’s Blossoms to bring home, their generosity to Lansingburgh and its students never ceases to amaze!