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Open Letter to Class of 2020 from Dr. Abitabile

3/24/2020 - The following is an open letter from District Superintendent, Dr. Antonio Abitabile, to the Lansingburgh High School Class of 2020. 

The 2020-2021 school year took a strange turn because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and all New York State schools are figuring out how it will get back on course. 

Canceling classes keeps students safer, but it has the unfortunate side effect of keeping them away from friends they normally see every day and the variety of experiences day-to-day school life gives them.

This is especially so for the high school seniors currently finishing their final year of K-12 schooling. We know these next few months are the final opportunity for the Class of 2020 to experience high school with their friends, peers and teachers. We understand their frustration with the current moment, want them to know that frustration is justified and that we do hear them.

We hope every Class of 2020 member takes the time to read Dr. Abitabile's message below: