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Chromebooks for Distance Learning During Cancelations - Updated: April 1

UPDATED (April 1, 2020) 

Middle and High School Chromebooks

As of yesterday, all secondary school (KMS and LHS) students needing a Chromebook should have received one. Families who did not meet the first pick-up survey deadline OR did not show up for their original pick up time will be invited when more Chromebooks arrive.

Elementary Chromebooks 

Turnpike and Rensselaer Park families receive one (1) Chromebook per family. These are getting delivered to the district this week. After staff prep the devices and finalize the elementary distribution plan, families who took the Needs Survey will receive an email with pick-up details.  

Family Technology Support

Families in need of technology support (missing charger, account information,etc.), please fill out the Family Technology Support form here.  

UPDATED (March 26, 4:30 PM) 

The first Chromebook disbursement and pick-ups for Lansingburgh High School and Knickerbacker Middle School students took place today (March 26). The day went smoothly with staff working together to ensure a quick and health-conscious process.

Some reached out on the Lansingburgh Facebook letting us know they needed a Chromebook for their student and didn't know how to get one or that they took the Chromebook Needs Survey but hadn’t heard back from us about device pick-up.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we roll out this new learning opportunity for Lansingburgh students during these very unconventional times. Everyone who filled out the survey will hear back from the district with further information.

If you did not pick-up a Chromebook today, the following may answer your questions:  

  • You must take the Chromebook Needs Survey online or by phone (518-512-9956) so we can get back to you about picking up your device
  • Today’s March 26 pick-up was only for high school and middle students. Middle and high school parents/guardians who took the Chromebook Needs Survey before March 25 at 1:30 PM should have received an email from the district with Chromebook pick-up instructions for today. This would have gone to the email address you gave in your survey response (please check spam as well).
    • If you took the survey and left no email address but left a phone number, you should have received a phone call from your building principal with pick-up instructions for today.
    • If you did hear from the district but missed your Chromebook pick-up time, you can pick-up your device on the elementary pick-up day.
  • If you couldn’t take the survey online and called the phone number we gave (518-512-9956), the District Clerk will get back to you shortly with more information.
  • Elementary school families who took the survey have not been contacted yet about device pick-up yet. We are waiting for a delivery of more Chromebooks before contacting them about their pick-up day, which will be the week of March 30. You will be contacted the same way as mentioned above (email or call from your building principal).

If you are a middle or high school parent/guardian who took the survey online prior to March 25 at 1:30 PM and did not hear from the district, we ask you to please complete the survey again, so we can include you in our next round of emails.  

Original Post (March 21, 2020)

This evening District Superintendent, Dr. Abitabile, emailed information to all Lansingburgh parents/guardians letting them know the district is purchasing Google Chromebooks for every high school student & middle school student and one for every elementary school family.

During these uncertain times, access to this technology is essential to ensuring Lansingburgh students continue learning while classes are canceled due to COVID-19. 

All Lansingburgh teachers are currently preparing distance learning opportunities for our students utilizing the Chromebooks. 


Chromebook Needs Online Survey

We're currently assessing the individual student and family needs for a device during this time period. To help us out, ALL Lansingburgh students & families should take our brief survey below or call (518) 512-9956.


Chromebook Distribution

While waiting for the new Chromebook delivery, the Chromebooks already on-site in the district will be distributed to Lansingburgh High School and Knickerbacker Middle School students by the end of the week of March 23. 

Elementary school families will be contacted about picking up theirs soon after. We are awaiting an upcoming delivery of more devices before contacting elementary families.  

We are finetuning our plan to distribute the Chromebooks while still following social distancing and we'll let families know once there's a final plan.

Similar to textbooks, the Chromebooks are district property but students and families will sign them out and return them at the end of the school year.