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Childcare Assistance for Essential Workforce Personnel

Pursuant to Executive Order 202.4, school districts must establish a plan for child care, with an emphasis on serving children of essential workforce personnel critical to the COVID-19 response effort. This includes: 

  • Essential health care workers (physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse assistants or laboratory personnel and direct support professionals)
  • First responders (paramedics, EMTs, police and firefighters)
  • Direct support professionals (clinicians and support staff for behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and child welfare communities in residential and community-based care settings)
  • Food manufacturing workers (production, distribution and supply including supermarket workers and food preparation)
  • Transportation workers (commercial truck drivers of necessary supplies and equipment, transit workers, air and rail and carriers of critical/essential materials)
  • Construction and Manufacturing employees including specialized equipment related to health or safety of the public.
  • Nonprofit and social service agencies providing support to families and employees in related fields.

Given the nature of  COVID-19 (a disease easily spread by sustained close proximity with others) and New York State’s recommendation that all citizens practice social distancing when possible, these are meant to be child care options for district parents/guardians working in these crucial fields who have no other options.

Parents/guardians living in the Lansingburgh Central School District who are employees who are members of these essential workforces should contact: 

Brightside Up

Contact one of the following or conduct a search for childcare here.