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Announcing the New Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement.

Rebecca McGrouty

2/12/2020 - We're happy to announce Mrs. Rebecca McGrouty as the Lansingburgh Central School District's new Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement!

Already a member of the Lansingburgh family, Mrs. McGrouty starts her new position with a wide array of experience and has held a number of administrative positions within the district over the years. 

We took a few minutes and spoke with Mrs. McGrouty about her decision to take on this new role, what it entails and what she's looking forward to in it. 


 What are some of the major duties you’re taking on as Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement?

There’s a number of things but some of the big responsibilities are overseeing curriculum, coordinating professional development opportunities, grant writing and supporting our teaching staff in their classroom instruction.


You were the Principal at Rensselaer Park Elementary for the past five years and the Assistant Principal at Lansingburgh High School for 2 years before that. Why did you make the switch to an overall district administrator from a school building administrator?

Transitioning to district level administration has always been a goal of mine. I knew early on I wanted to end up in a role where I could not only work directly with curriculum development but also help a larger number of teachers than I could as an individual school building administrator.

With the recent retirement of some district-level administrators, this opportunity presented itself and given my existing goals and interests, I chose to pursue it.


In addition to your years as a Lansingburgh school administrator, you also taught 2nd and 5th grade in the Troy City School District. What about all those prior roles prepared you for the Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement role?    

Collectively all those roles gave me opportunities to work with such a wide range of student ages and personalities, which is very valuable experience for this type of role.

My familiarity with the geographic area is also a big plus and I’m starting this position having spent years working in the Lansingburgh and Troy districts. I already personally know many members of our teaching faculty and I’m lucky to have built strong professional relationships with our school building administrators over the years.   


What are you most looking forward to in your new Assistant Superintendent role?

In addition to what I already touched on, I look forward to collaborating more closely with Dr. Abitabile on the new ideas and projects he’s brought with him as District Superintendent.*

A big draw for me to this specific type of district-level position was that I’d still be spending time in the classrooms with our students while also professionally supporting more of our teachers.

That’s something I really didn’t want to lose moving into this role, so I’m looking forward to helping our teachers be more innovative educators and still spending that time in the classroom around the young people I got into this line of work to help.      


*Dr. Abitabile started as Lansingburgh Superintendent of Schools in November 2019