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PICTURES: Award-Winning Author Jack Gantos Visits LHS

1/7/2020 - Today and yesterday, Lansingburgh High School was honored by a visit from award-winning author Jack Gantos!

Mr. Gantos is the author of dozens of books for all ages, ranging from picture books to YA novels and memoirs. He presented on the writing process to all four high school grades and the high school teaching faculty.


His presentations covered a list of thematic topics about enriching your writing practice:

  • The saying "write what you know" is true. Map out the life you've lived so far and find the stories within it for inspiration. 
  • Similar to exercising your body, a consistent writing routine is crucial for creating a productive practice. 
  • Practice focusing on the topic at hand (like writing!) and understand what length of time writing works for your focus. 
  • At a certain point, you'll find writing is not an adversary but a companion. It's the place where you can always be yourself. 
  • The reality of making a living as a writer. You're not guaranteed riches, but it's possible to support yourself and feel satisfied doing it. 

Prior to Mr. Gantos' visit, students and staff had a chance to purchase some of his books at discounted prices through the KMS/LHS Library. He then signed the copies for whoever was interested in getting his autograph. 

Many thanks to Mr. Gantos for taking the time for Lansingburgh students and staff!