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Board of Education Candidates and Statements

5/3/2019 - Below you can read statements from the candidates running for the two seats opening on the Lansingburgh Board of Education. Please note if are any statements not here, we will update this page as they arrive. 

The Board Election and 2019-2020 Budget Vote take place on Tuesday, May 21 from 12 PM -9 PM. 


James Spear

I have had the great pleasure of working in Education for almost 36 years.  Most of that was spent as an Occupational Therapist with WSWHE BOCES.  I have been blessed to end it here with the Lansingburgh School System.  Being an Occupational Therapist has allowed me to see almost every aspect of working with students, special needs students, neurotypical students and students with all kinds of needs and strengths.  As my career providing services is coming to an end, I want to continue to add to the process of educating students, their families and the dedicated staff that meets them every day at the door and welcomes them.  My perspective for this greeting has always been to give students whatever they need and I support giving our teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff and building people what they need to greet them and offer the best that the district can provide.  I hope to help meet the challenges, support the everyday work that keeps a promise to offer the best that we can and to support, when I can, thinking out of the box.

I would be honored to serve on the Board of Education for my home district and hope to be given the chance to do that.


Robert Morris

I have just completed my first 5-year term as a Board of Education member. This past school year I fulfilled the Vice President role. I am a graduate of Lansingburgh (1989). I received my Associate's degree in Liberal Arts from St. Leo University for Online learning. I am the Store Manager for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company on Wolf Rd in Albany. My wife Holly and I met in 3rd grade at TES.  Our kids are fifth generation students to attend LCSD (my great-grandmother graduated from Lansingburgh Academy in 1915). Our daughter Kaitlyn was Salutatorian in 2011, oldest son Brody graduated in 2013, Noah graduated in 2017, and Gabe is in 10th grade at LHS. 

I have always had a desire to make a difference in the life of youth. That is why my wife and I were youth leaders at our church for over 10 years. Now it is time for me to give back to the school district that has provided my family and me with a wonderful education and many opportunities.

I see the economy as our biggest challenge. We must continue to find creative ways to do more with less in our district without jeopardizing a well-rounded, quality education. Being able to avoid cuts in staffing levels, the arts, and sports will benefit the continued success of the LCSD for many generations to come. 

I'm an advocate for continued technological advances in teaching. Whether it's tablets or remote classroom access, I believe we should utilize it. Additionally, an increase in parental involvement as school board meetings, concerts, sporting events, and fundraisers will build a strong foundation that will prepare our kids for their future. Together we can make a difference!


Deyva Arthur

Lansingburgh Schools have been wonderful for both my children and the community, for which I am grateful. As an active member of the PTA for many years, I want to keep contributing to the district by becoming a school board member. 

If elected I would like to work to:

  • Expand communication between the school board, parents and teachers.
  • Continue with the board’s efforts at making the schools safe.
  • Promote diversity in hiring new teachers and staff.
  • Explore extending the children’s recess playtime to longer than 10 minutes.
  • Contribute to the board’s commitment to cost efficiency and district budgeting.

For nearly 25 years, I have lived in Lansingburgh with my husband and two children. I have volunteered with the PTA for more than 10 years and I have been an art coach for grades K-12 for 12 years. Also I have taught writing and photography to children of all ages in public schools and after-school programs. I have also volunteered at Lansingburgh Youth Soccer League, Oakwood Community Center, Unity House, NAACP and other neighborhood groups. My work has included: social worker with public housing residents and immigrants, newspaper managing editor, freelance journalist and photographer, and business consultant.

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the school board to make Lansingburgh Central School District the best it can be. 


Daniella Richards

Each member of our community owes the students of our district an opportunity to excel in a safe and innovative environment.  Investing in relationships amongst stakeholders, whether it be parents and staff members, or businesses and homeowners, cultivates a student that will grow into an invested and productive community member.  I am running for a seat on the Lansingburgh School Board because I believe my community experiences when combined with my professional experiences will contribute to that cultivation, and help to improve our school district by invigorating the ties between it and the dynamic and diverse community it services.

     I am a parent of a Senior, a Sophomore, and a 4th Grader in the Lansingburgh School District.  Like many of you, I am also a homeowner, so this investment of our time, I will take very seriously.  I truly believe we can all work together to build on our successes and improve in areas that need more work.  When we come together, regardless of our own areas of specific interest, whether it be Academics, Sports, or the Arts, we can capitalize on the diversities and challenges our district faces and create a stronger school community.

     My life experience and work history will be an asset to the school board team.  My professional background in the Security Industry provides a unique insight on the safety and security in each of our schools.  I have this knowledge, and I desire to share it with the goal of helping to make our schools safer.  I have held positions in Human Resources, Training, and Management, so I understand what it takes to keep people engaged, interested, and willing to work as part of a team.  I will leverage that experience in any way necessary to provide efficient and effective tools to our teachers allowing them more quality time to do their jobs better.  I want our district to retain excellent teachers and ultimately become a destination for talent.  I am also concerned with the steadily increasing costs of public education.  As a home owner in the district, I’m very concerned with keeping taxes manageable to achieve student success.  It makes no sense to pay taxes to provide the highest possible quality education if the tools we are using aren’t effective.  We should be providing our students with the highest level of education we can muster, but we need to do so using efficient and innovative methods to keep those costs down.

     I also have an established and well-respected track record of volunteerism in this community.  I volunteer as a Coach with the Lansingburgh Youth Soccer Club, as a member of the High School Boys Soccer Booster Club, and I have also served as a Cub Scout Den Leader.  This is where I gained the most impactful and greatest experience while donating my time to the community.  By working with the children and listening to the concerns of their parents.  I’ve been rewarded with these experiences and desire to share those viewpoints with other parents and community leaders.  I believe we should always be receptive and respectful of everyone’s voice, and to take something new away from every conversation.

     My promise is to be highly engaged and accessible.  I will work continuously on improving our school district, not just for my children’s experiences, but for all the children within our district because each kid deserves the best education possible for the future of our community.