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2023 Board of Education Candidates

Community members are invited to a Meet the Board Candidates Night in the Turnpike Elementary School Gym on Monday, May 8, 2023, at 6:00 PM. This will be immediately followed by the Annual Budget Hearing.

You can find more information below about the one (1) individual running for the one (1) seat on the Lansingburgh Board of Education. The board seat is for a 5-year term commencing July 1, 2023, and expiring on June 30, 2028.

Scroll down to learn more about the 2023 candidate in his own words. The name of the board candidate will appear on the ballot as follows:

  1. Jason Shover

The Lansingburgh Board Election and Budget Vote both take place on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, from 12:00 - 9:00 PM. More information about the budget vote, board election and capital reserve proposition is available here.

Jason Shover

I am a graduate of Lansingburgh H.S. and hold an A.A.S. in Liberal Arts from HVCC, as well as a B.S. in Economics from Siena College. My current position is Vice President of Claims Services for IAT Insurance, and previous to that I spent 25 years as a Quality Director and Claims Manager at Liberty Mutual Insurance. My passion for my career is only a fraction of what I feel for my family. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife of 26 years in Sheila, as well as my daughters Madison (22) and Grace (19), both graduates of Lansingburgh, as well as my youngest daughter Emma (15) who is a Sophomore at LHS. 

Jason Shover and Family

Q: Why would you like to be on the Lansingburgh Board of Education?  

A: I have been (very) fortunate to be a member of this board for almost 14 years. Even after serving in various roles, I am more committed than ever to help the district achieve their goals in delivering the best education we can for our children. Without a good and solid foundation of equal opportunity, it becomes impossible for children to build a better house for their future. As I gain life experience (and yes, age) I continue to feel a passion to want to help, to make a difference. I would very much like to continue to utilize my skills and what I have learned while serving this vital advisory board, to make a positive impact on the district and our children. 

Q: What do you see as the challenges in US education today and in the future?

A: In the past I felt the biggest challenge we saw was parental engagement. As many of us know, it is now the mental and physical health/ safety for our students that has weaved itself into the fabric of ours as well as many other districts.  We have amazing staff, leaders, and teachers in Lansingburgh that are committed (daily) to ensuring there is a positive, safe environment for every child. I want to help the district and my peer board members to successfully continue that work by ensuring that we have the resources and tools to help those efforts.

Q: What changes would you like to see in the Lansingburgh School District?

A: As I mentioned in the challenges facing the United States, Lansingburgh has many of those same issues that they have worked hard to correct for. I am a little biased in that I feel the proactivity that has been taken to solve some of these problems has been in many cases, ahead of other districts in our state. That said, we must be diligent in understanding the needs of our families and work collectively to see equality of education for all of our students. This work has started in many areas and will thankfully continue. This will however take the greatest of strengths within our community to ensure every student has a positive, world class educational learning experience. Children get one shot at this experience and all goals and actions should be centered in that purpose. I would be honored if re-elected to help with that purpose proposition.