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Letting Elected Officials Know About Lansingburgh NYS Aid Cuts: Sample Letter Template

August 28, 2020

We know many members of the Lansingburgh community had strong emotions after hearing Dr. Abitabile's announcement that the district was modifying its 2020-2021 reopening plans. We came to that extremely difficult decision after being faced with a 20% cut in crucial New York State aid, a financial blow that made it virtually impossible for us to safely reopen the schools for all of our students in person.

Since our announcement yesterday, we've had a number of community members ask what they can do to help. Step one is ensuring our elected officials are fully aware of what a 20% cut in state aid means for Lansingburgh. You can do this by reaching out to them and sharing how this will affect you, your family and your community.  

If you'd like you can use the sample letter below to contact your elected officials. For your convenience, below is also a list of a number of elected officials and their contact information. Every voice counts during these times. 

Sample Letter to Elected Officials Re: School Funding (PDF)

Sample Letter to Elected Officials Re: School Funding (MS Word Doc)

List of Local Elected Officials (MS Word Doc)

List of Local Elected Officials (PDF)