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PICTURES: Real Life Adirondack 46-R Visits RPES!

40 students who read their way to the top of all the NYS High Peaks during Rensselaer Park Elementary’s Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program got a special visit from real-life Adirondack 46-R, Nafsika Stavis (Nafsika is best known for hula hooping at the top of each Adirondack High Peak)! This year’s RPES PARP theme was an “RPES Adirondack Reading Adventure” where the number of hours students read got them closer to climbing all the 46 Adirondack High Peaks in NYS, so it was a big treat to meet Nafsika and hiking leader, Dave Ehlinger. 

They spoke with the 40 students who read their way through all the High Peaks to become RPES Reading 46-Rs and let them handle some of their climbing/hiking gear. Each student received a certificate, a sticker, a small headlamp (that Nafsika brought with her for each student) and booklets about the Adirondacks. Awesome time with these real-life adventurers. Thank you to them for visiting with our students!