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PICTURES & VIDEO: RPES Water Warriors Raise $1,000 for Clean Water Access

The Rensselaer Park Elementary School Water Warriors (aka Ms. Simson & Ms. Komazenski's students) recently wrapped up a very cool annual fundraiser which made its return after a hiatus last year! 

The students were selling Mindjars - swirling jars of glitter used to focus and calm your mind in overwhelming moments - to raise money for villagers living in Tanzania. Villagers there need to walk an average of 6 hours a day to collect from their only source of local water. That water source is not only far but also filled with disease and pollutants - there is no easy access to any clean water for them. 

The money the RPES Water Warriors raised from selling Mindjars was donated to Drilling For Hope, an organization that builds fresh water wells and provides school supplies & shoes for children in the Tanzanian village. This year the RPES Water Warriors raised $1,000 to donate to Drilling for Hope - the most they have ever raised in this fundraiser! Way to go RPES Water Warriors!