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PICTURES & VIDEO: Acrobat Performance at Rensselaer Park!

All of Rensselaer Park Elementary recently got to enjoy an awesome acrobatics show with acrobats Todd Degnan and Maeve Beck thanks to Arts in Education funds! 

Elementary students with two acrobats

Leading up to the show at RPES, acrobatics were incorporated into multiple lessons. Students read the book Circus Girl by Clare Pernice and watched a video of Todd and Maeve performing so they would be inspired to think of questions for the Q&A session with them. In the week leading up to the performance, they also solved math problems relating to the hours of training needed to be a professional acrobat, which helped them gain perspective on how committed you have to be for a career in acrobatics. In science, students learned how the body worked as well as the differences between animal/human forms and this gave them a good basis for what words to try and use when asking Todd and Maeve questions.

Watch a video of Todd and Maeve's visit to Rensselaer Park here.