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School Taxes

Lansingburgh School Taxes

Tax bill data can be looked up or paid on Info-Tax Online using the link below. 

School Tax Contact: Jane Luskin
Phone: (518) 233-6850 x33408
Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Lansingburgh School Tax Bills

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page reflects September and October tax collections only.  

Tax FAQs

Looking Up/Paying Your Lansingburgh School Tax Bill Online Using Info-Tax

Tax bill data can be looked up or paid on Info-Tax Online using the link below. 

All tax bills are mailed on September 1 of each year. The district will collect payments from September 1 - October 2, 2023, without penalty and collect payments from October 3 - October 31, 2023, with a 2% penalty.
Any payments not received by October 31, 2023, will be sent to the county for collection during the month of November with an additional 7% penalty. If the school tax and penalties are not paid to the county, the bill and penalties are added to the taxpayers' January property tax bill.
Payments can be sent directly to the Lansingburgh District Office at
Lansingburgh Central School District
School Tax Collector
55 New Turnpike Rd
Troy, NY 12182

The district is not authorized to collect any tax payments after October 31, 2023, and is not authorized to waive any penalties.  
If you do not receive your tax bill by September 10, 2023, please call 518-233-6850 (ext. 33408) for our Tax Office and request a new bill be mailed to you. The district is not in a position to be aware of an unreceived tax bill, therefore it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to request a new bill if one is not received.
Please remember that the school acts as the “collector” of the taxes. If you have a discrepancy on your bill that has to do with your assessment of property or exemptions, please contact your assessor’s office through your town or city hall.

Tax Bill Contact Numbers

  • Rensselaer County: 518-270-2754
  • City of Troy: 518-279-7126 or 518-279-7127
  • Town of Brunswick: 518-279-3461, Option 4
  • Town of Pittstown: 518-753-7419
  • Town of Schaghticoke: 518-753-6915, ext. 103

Alternative Veterans Property Tax Exemption

On July 31, 2023, the Lansingburgh Board of Education passed a resolution to offer a school property tax exemption on the primary residence of eligible veterans residing within the Lansingburgh Central School District. Lansingburgh’s Alternative Veterans Property Tax Exemption will take effect next year in the 2024-2025 School Year.
The New York State Real Property Tax Law (section 458-a) provides a limited exemption from real property taxes for real property owned by qualifying individuals who served in the United States Military, provided the property meets the requirements set forth in the law.
The alternative veterans exemption is available for residential real property within the district owned by veterans (or certain family members) who served during defined periods of war or under certain conditions and must have either (1) been honorably discharged or released from service or (2) received a letter from the NYS Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) stating that the veteran now meets the character of discharge criteria for all of the benefits and services listed in the Restoration of Honor Act.
For full information about eligibility, the impact it will have on school property taxes and more, please see the Q&A document below:

STAR Credit Program for Homeowners

Register for STAR, STAR Property Tax Relief: 518-457-2036
Property Taxes and Assessments, Transfer Report/Sales Reporting: 518-591-5232
Property Tax Freeze Credit: 518-453-8146