Transportation Contact

  • First Student Contact Information (District Transportation Provider)

    Families in need of real-time student bus arrival and/or drop-off times should contact First Student. 

    First Student Main Office: (518) 556-6667

    First Student Head Dispatcher: (518) 391-5057  

    Sam McNett, First Student Operations Manager: (845) 630-9702

    Lansingburgh CSD Transportation Contact Information

    Lansingburgh Transportation Office: (518) 233-6838

    Lansingburgh Transportation Director Email:

Transportation Forms

District Transportation Provider

  • All students need to be ready 5 minutes before the allotted pick-up time and ready to board the bus which is stated on your postcard. This ensures students will arrive at school on time.

    DMV -19A regulation states: The blowing of a horn is to be used for warning children of danger and for that reason only. Vehicle Traffic Law #375.1- Bus drivers teach children the “universal danger signal” – honking the horn to warn crossing students that a car is about to pass the red lights of the bus. Students should immediately return to the side of the road they started from if the bus sounds the horn. In keeping with this safety rule, please be advised that horn-blowing at pick-up and drop-off locations will still NO longer be done.

    Due to legal concerns and student safety, parents are not allowed to board any school bus for any reason. If such action occurs, it will have to be addressed accordingly. Concerns, issues or problems should be directed to the Transportation District Office at (518) 233-6838, Option 4

    Registration Process

    After registering your student, address verification will be conducted, School District IEP review (if applicable), School Admissions team review. Once your student physically attends their designated school, transportation will assign your student(s) transportation after 48 hours.

    Special Education

    Door-to-door transportation is based on the students IEP. This decision is made through the LCSD Department of Pupil Personnel. They can be reached at (518) 233-6808.

    The Transportation Office is aware that Special Educational students may need occasional extra time to board the bus. This extra time should not be abused. (Example: If several student pick-ups are delayed, this results in all students being late to school). For the safety of all, please be respectful of the times scheduled for your child/ren).

    For SP-ED students, an adult MUST BE present to receive your child at the drop off location.

    Charter, Private/Parochial

    Lansingburgh Central School District policy #8413 and Section 3635 of the Education Law of the State of New York, require District students attending Private, Parochial and/or Charter Schools to submit annually a transportation services request form by April 1st. (Separate request forms must be completed for each child).

    This process will help us better serve your child based on the information received. Student’s transportation assignment to bus routes will be provided upon the required documents being completed, verified & processed prior to the April 1st deadline of the prior school year.

    Lansingburgh Central School District Policy #5150 requires all parents/guardian to register their students in person. Students Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency (Dated within 30 days of residing in District) & Photo ID of Parent/Guardian are required. Registration is required only once, after that and each year following registration, a request for transportation form need only be completed.

    If filing after the April 1st deadline we ask as part of the transportation form process for an Explanation/Reason for filing after the April 1st deadline. Please give a detailed explanation as to why the request form is late, then Sign and Date the Transportation Request Letter for Administrative review. Completion of this form does not guarantee your child will receive transportation. The District will make every attempt to bus late requests, provided there is room on the bus.

    Elementary students who reside within a ½ mile radius of the school of attendance, are not eligible. Those outside this radius will be provided transportation if all requirements have been met. Middle School/High School students who reside a 1-mile radius or more from the school of attendance, transportation will be provided as long as required documents are completed as stated as above.

    Any change of address occurring during the school year requires residency verification by the Central Registration Office. Student’s transportation is placed on hold until the residency has been verified.

    NYSED Law states: School districts are not obligated to provide transportation for students attending nonpublic schools before the first day of public school classes; Our Lansingburgh District starts transportation for both public and nonpublic schools September 5, 2019. Parents will be responsible to transport their children to their schools until such date. This includes Charter Schools. 

    Public Schools

    Turnpike Elementary students will be provided transportation regardless of the distance. Exception: Any Pre-K student who is not 4 years of age. Rensselaer Park Elementary students who reside a ½ mile radius or more from school will be provided transportation. Knickerbacker Middle School and Lansingburgh High School are offered transportation for students who live a 1-mile radius or more from school.

    Address Change

    Any change of address occurring during the school year requires residency verification by the Central Registration Office. Student’s transportation is placed on hold until the residency has been verified. Please contact Lansingburgh District Central Registration Office at (518) 233-6836. Hours are from 8 A.M. to 11:30 AM and 12:30 to 3:30 PM. Closed Between 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

    School Closings, Delays and Early Dismissals

    The Superintendent of Schools may close the schools or dismiss students/staff early when hazardous weather or other emergencies threaten the health or safety of the students and personnel. School closing and/or delayed starting times will be announced over the local news channels. Information may be accessed via the District’s Webpage.

    Exam Week

    Bus schedule during this time will run as follows:
    1. Incoming morning run to school will be at the regular time.
    2. The early bus will depart school at 11:10 A.M. This departure will also be picking up students who are taking afternoon exams and bringing them to school. During this time we ask that your student is outside waiting for the bus. This may take some time so please be patient.
    3. Students will arrive at school for afternoon exams by 12:00 P.M.
    4. Afternoon exam bus will depart at regular dismissal time of 2:02 P.M. or use of the late bus run of 3:20 P.M.

    Summer School

    Transportation is not provided to Middle School or High School students who are requested to the Summer School Services or Enrichment Programs. Special Education students are provided summer services based off their IEP’s.

    Misbehavior On the Bus

    A school bus with undisciplined passengers is a hazardous bus. The misbehavior of the students can lead to accidents. The driver must concentrate on the driving task at hand and cannot be expected to constantly discipline the students while the bus is in motion. Therefore, for a safe operation of the school bus, students should be aware of and obey the safety rules. Please advise your student that buses have video surveillance. Anyone violating the rules may lose their riding privileges permanently.

    Items Not Allowed On the Bus

    1. Band instruments, Ski equipment, Projects and other objects too large or too hazardous to be held by the passenger will not be permitted on the bus.
    2. Tobacco, matches, cigarette lighters, obscene materials, weapons, drugs or other prohibited items on the bus.
    3. Food or drinks, glass objects or other objects on the bus is prohibited by state law, federal law or school board policies.