Screenings (Vision, Hearing, Dental and Scoliosis)

  • Screenings- All new students, Pre K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11 are required to have screenings done. These screenings are for vision both near and distance, color vision, hearing, and scoliosis. These are usually done on a physical, but we often find some or all of these missing from the physical done with your healthcare provider. The school nurses will do these screenings throughout the school year as needed. If they find any abnormalities, they will notify you with a referral to have them checked by your healthcare provider. - screening overview 

    Dental Certificate- (best practice) - Form

    Comprehensive Eye Exam- (best practice for K registration) - Form

    Scoliosis (Girls - grades 5 & 7, Boys - Grade 9) - Form

    **We have partnered with local organizations below to provide further screenings in the school setting. Please review these programs below. Parental consent would be required for the students to participate in Kidsight and Seal-A-Smile.