Lansingburgh Parent Teacher Home Visits

  • At Lansingburgh Central School District, we’re committed to building ongoing partnerships with our students’ families and teachers. A strong relationship between home and school improves academic success, school attendance and student behavior. With this in mind, we’re starting a new initiative in Lansingburgh that’s specifically focused on building these relationships: The Parent Teacher Home Visit Initiative.

    The program connects Lansingburgh families - the people who know our students best – with the classroom expertise and experience of Lansingburgh teachers. Potential discussions at home visits could be a family’s hopes for their student(s), homework, student interests, more ways of supporting your student at home and recommendations for local community resources.

    Research shows when educators are more involved with student home life, school life then becomes more meaningful to them and they’re motivated by a personal connection.    

    For parents/guardians, these programs show teachers care about their student’s lives, well-being and academic success even after they leave the classroom at the end of the day.

    Staff/faculty from all four Lansingburgh schools trained for this program because they believe student success depends on strong relationships and communication between the family and school.

    It’s our hope that the Parent Teacher Home Visit Program is one more way we create partnerships with Lansingburgh families and improves the overall school experience for Lansingburgh students.