Parent and Caregiver Community Resources

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    Addiction Prevention Resources

    Prevention Corner: Created by Lansingburgh's Student Assistance Counselor

    A website with frequently updated resources created by Lansingburgh's very own Student Assistance Counselor, Stephanie Gardenier. Addiction prevention in New York State is based on a risk and protective factor framework. Protective factors for children and young adults include:

    • Open communication with family members, teachers, and other adults in their lives
    • A strong sense of family, positive experiences and role models
    • The attitudes and conditions of their community.

    "High in Plain Sight": Co-presentation from Lansingburgh & East Greenbush

    Watch "High in Plain Sight", a valuable presentation by Knickerbacker Middle School/Lansingburgh High School Student Assistance Counselor, Ms. Gardenier. This co-production with East Greenbush CSD is a resource for finding out about current substance abuse trends and behaviors among young people you may be unaware of.

    Click here to watch it.


    Local Community Resources

    Capital Roots:

    CEO’s Family Support Services

    Helps families with children who are having social, emotional or behavioral challenges. FSS offers a variety of support services. These include:

    • Someone to talk to that has been through similar struggles
    • Support and advocacy in dealing with schools, juvenile justice, social services, and mental and physical health systems
    • Community resources and referrals
    • Self-advocacy skills

    (518) 272-6012 Ext. 2018 or 215

    Cornell Cooperative Extension

    Healthy Neighborhoods Program - Click this flyer for full information about this program.

    • ALL Lansingburgh CSD families qualify for this program. Healthy Neighborhoods offers home assessments and interventions for asthma, indoor air quality, lead, fire safety, and other environmental health hazards. Along with education, participants receive FREE safety and cleaning supplies. Supplies may include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, cleaning supplies, child safety items, and asthma prevention items.
      • Call: 518-765-3512 Email:
        Fax: 518-765-2490 

    Expanded Food and Nutrition Program

    Home Lead Assessments


    61 State Street

    Troy, NY 12180


    Lansingburgh Boys and Girls Club

    Cornell Cooperative Extension:

    • Healthy Neighborhoods Program
    • Expanded Food and Nutrition Program
    • Home Lead Assessments

    Mediation Matters

    Mediation Matters is a multi-faceted organization of volunteers and professionals dedicated to empowering individuals, communities, and families to manage and resolve conflict.

    Albany and Rensselaer Counties

    10 N. Russell Rd., 2nd Floor


    Workforce Development Institute (WDI)

    WDI is a statewide non-profit that works to grow and keep good jobs in NYS. They use a range of tools - including ground level information, workforce expertise, and funding - to facilitate projects that build skills and strengthen employers’ ability to hire and promote workers. Their work often fills gaps not covered by other organizations.

    433 River Street

    Troy, NY 12180

    WDI Child Care Subsidy Program - Helping working families with the high cost of childcare

    Capital District

    (518) 272-3530


    Counseling Services

    Rensselaer County Department of Mental Health

    Comprehensive assessment, diagnostic evaluation, individualized treatment planning, medication monitoring, and individual, family, and group therapy.

    Satellite Office Location in Lansingburgh: Rensselaer Park Elementary School

    Troy Location: 1600 7th Ave, Troy, NY (518) 270-2800

    Sexual Assault and Crime Victims Assistance Program for Rensselaer County (Samaritan Hospital)

    Comprehensive, specialized services to victims of sexual violence, victims of stalking, older adults, homicide survivors, as well as other victims of crime, their family members and friends, or significant others

    (518) 271-3445

    2200 Burdett Avenue, Troy, NY

    (518)271-3257 Crisis Line, available 24 hours/day

    START Children’s Center of Rensselaer County

    Child advocacy center that assists child victims of sexual and physical abuse and their non-offending family members.


    131 6th Ave, Troy, NY 12180

    The Empowerment Exchange

    The Empowerment Exchange is a peer support program dedicated to offering strategies that will encourage people to find their personal power and use their own unique voice. As current or former recipients of mental health services, we believe that recovery is possible for everyone. At the heart of our work is the hope that people can reclaim their life and their independence.

    2136 Burdett Ave.

    Troy, NY 12180


    Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

    Peer Support Line:  518-268-1663 (Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm)


    Emergency Shelter

    Joseph's House

    (Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day)

    74 Ferry Street, Troy (518) 272-2544

    Captian's Youth Shelter
    (518) 584-6042 or 1 (800) 924-4636


    Grief and Loss

    The Community Hospice of Rensselaer County

    Grief support is also available via Zoom. Apply for it online using this application.

    The Community Hospice provides free grief support services to those who have experienced the death of a family member or friend. A Bereavement Counselor will recommend services after meeting with you and your family. Services may include:

    • Individual or Family grief counseling for adults and children
    • Support Groups including Widow/Widowers, Daughter’s Living with Loss, etc.
    • Camp Erin, a free weekend camp for grieving children and teens, 3-17 years old

    These services are free of charge and are available to everyone, regardless of whether the person who died was a hospice patient.


    295 Valley View Blvd.

    Troy, NY


    Hotlines & Crisis Services - For Emergencies, Dial 911

    Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office
    (518) 266-1900
    Troy Police Department (Non-emergency)
    (518) 270-4411

    The Capital Region Child and Adolescent Mobile Crisis Team (CRCAMT)

    CRCAMT serves any family with a child who resides in Albany, Rensselaer or Schenectady Counties (up to age 18, or older if still in day school) who are experiencing an emotional or behavioral crisis in the community regardless of diagnosis or system involvement. Service provided at the moment of the crisis where the child is.

    Contact: Rensselaer County Mental Health at (518) 292-5499

    Crisis Chat - Lifeline Crisis Chat is a service of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in partnership with CONTACT USA. It is the first service of its kind where crisis centers across the United States have joined together to form one national chat network that can provide online emotional support, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services. The chat specialists are here to listen and support you through whatever difficult times you may be facing.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    A free, 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Your call will be routed to the nearest crisis center to you.


    Sexual Assault & Crime Victims Hotline

    (518) 271-3257

    Child Abuse Hotline
    1-(800) 342-3720
    Parson's Child & Family Center
    (518) 426-2600
    Poison Control
    1-(800) 222-1222
    Domestic Violence (Unity House) 
    (518) 272-2370
    National Suicide Prevention
    1 (800) 273-8255
    DSS Adult Protective
    (518) 266-7800
    National Hunger
    (866) 3- HUNGRY


    Parenting Education and Support

    Parent Network of the Capital Region (PNCR)

    Provides parents with the knowledge, skill, resources and support to effectively advocate for their children and to facilitate productive relationships between parents and school districts for the benefit of students with disabilities. Services are free-of-charge to parents, service providers, disability organizations and schools

    (518) 640-3320

    1190 Troy-Schenectady Rd., Latham, NY 12110

    Parenting Skill Groups

    Parenting skill group seeks to understand children’s behavior, build confidence for the child and parent, improve communication, learn positive discipline and address specific challenges. Please contact Jewish Family Services for group schedule and additional information.

    (518) 482-8856

    877 Madison Ave., Albany, NY

    Wits End Family Support Group

    The Family Support Services program also offers the Wit’s End Support Group. This group gives family members the chance to share and connect with others who are having similar challenges at home. The goal of the support group is to offer:

    • Emotional support
    • Information and education
    • The opportunity to help others
    • Socializing with other families
    • Advocacy

    For more information about the Family Support Services program, including Wit’s End, please contact:

    Kimberly Burton or Jany Velazquez, Family Support Services Parent Advocates

    Phone: (518) 272-6012 Ext. 208 or 215


    Medical/Health Assistance

    NYS Office of Health Insurance


    Samaritan Hospital

    215 Burdett Ave. Troy, NY


    Rensselaer County Health Department

    1600 7th Ave.

    Troy, NY


    South Troy Health Center

    7 Vandenburgh Ave.

    Troy, NY


    Seton Health Pediatrics

    500 Federal St. #602

    Troy, NY


    Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center, Inc

    6-102nd St.

    Troy, NY


    The Dental Hygiene Clinic

    Hudson Valley Community College

    80 Vandenburgh Ave.

    Troy, NY 1280



    Social Services

    Rensselaer County DSS

    547 River Street

    Troy, NY 12180


    Rensselaer County Health Department:           
    (518) 270-2655,  9am-5pm
    NYS Office of Health Insurance 
    (Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus)     
    1-800-698-4543  or 1-800-541-2831

    Medicaid Managed Care

    Rensselaer County requires Medicaid recipients to enroll in one of the HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) contracted by the County. Although some people may be exempted from enrolling due to special circumstances, most families must choose a health plan within 60 days of receiving Medicaid. Rensselaer County offers the following health plans to their Medicaid recipients: CDPHP, Fidelis, WellCare.

    Medicaid recipients only use their Medicaid card for prescriptions, dental and transportation. For all other medical services the Medicaid recipients use the health plan card and choose a participating primary care provider. For more information on Medicaid Managed Care:


    NYS Provider and Health Plan Look-Up


    Healthy Capital District Initiative

    NYS Certified Navigators:  Never before have so many people been eligible for insurance subsidies. Insurance subsidies are available for people who make up to 400% above the poverty line. We provide free information and assistance to applicants without pressure or obligation. HCDI staff work directly with individuals to complete applications through the NY State of Health Marketplace and apply for Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Qualified Health Plans.


    Food Assistance

    CEO Food Pantry

    2328 Fifth Ave.

    Troy, NY

    518-272-6012 Ext. 247

    Food Pantries of the Capital District
    (518) 458-1167

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

    SNAP is the new name for the Food Stamp Program. You can now apply for SNAP online, by mail, fax, or in person at your local Department of Social Services or SNAP office. You may apply for SNAP using the internet if you live in New York State by going to After your application is filed, the local Department of Social Services or SNAP office will review your information, conduct an interview, and determine your household’s eligibility for SNAP.

    You may also apply at your local Department of Social Services or SNAP office.


    127 Bloominggrove Drive

    Troy, NY 12180

    St. Augustine’s Church

    25 115th St.

    Troy, NY

    Kathy Conroy - 518-235-4143

    Unity House Food Pantry

    2431 Sixth Ave.

    Troy, NY


    Salvation Army - Troy Temple Corps Food Pantry

    410 River St.

    Troy, NY



    Community Meals 

    Monday-Friday             11:30-1:00                     
    Bethany @ Unity House -2431 6th Ave, Troy -  (518) 274-2607
    Thursday and Friday      12:00-1:00                   
    Damien Center of Troy - 392 2nd St., Troy - (518) 274-5920
    Last Sat of Month              1:00-3:00                   
    Bethel Baptist Church - 2165 5th Ave, Troy - (518) 274-4303
    4th Sat of Month                12:00-3:00               
    Faith & Love Fellowship - 85 Washington Ave, Rensselaer - (518) 436-0114
    Monday- Friday                  4:00-5:00                   
    Salvation Army - 410 River St., Troy - (518) 272-4901
    Monday                              6:00-7:00                   
    Damien Center - 392 2nd St., Troy - (518) 274-5920 x 206
    Wednesday                        4:00-6:00                   
    Victorious Life Church - 1838 5th Ave, Troy - (518) 272-4237
    Thursday                            6:00-7:00                   
    YMCA - 1 1st St., Troy - (518) 274-7100





    Medicaid Transportation Management
    1 (855) 852-3293, then press 3


    Housing Assistance

    Rensselaer County Dept. of Social Services

    Temporary Assistance: 518-266-7800


    (Heating Assistance): 518-266-7970/518-266-7960

    After hours: 518-283-2000

    Joseph’s House

    74 Ferry Street

    Troy, NY


    Troy Housing Authority

    1 Eddys lane

    Troy, NY