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Lansingburgh Central School District
School Tax Collector’s Notice



STAR Registration information available

Click Here to view the informational slideshow (posted 9/20/13)

The 2013 tax bills have been mailed and should be arriving in homes in the next few days.  Tax rate increases by town vary widely this year.  These drastic changes are due primarily to the reassessment of the City of Troy properties.  You may wonder how this affects properties in our other towns, Schaghticoke, Brunswick and Pittstown.  The letter below will attempt to explain how reassessment affects all properties within the school district. (updated 9/3/13)

Please click here for additional information regarding the 2013 School tax bill

New legislation requires all homeowners receiving basic STAR exemption to register with the NYS Tax department in order to receive the exemption in 2014 and subsequent years. Registration runs from August 19, 2013 - December 31, 2013 (posted 8/27/13)

Click Here for the STAR Registration Fact Sheet RP-425-FS

Click here for the"2013-14 School Tax Bill Lookup"

Please remember that the school acts as the “collector” of the taxes.  If you have a discrepancy on your bill that has to do with your assessment of property or exemptions, please contact your assessor’s office through your town or city hall.
Payments by mail should be made with Checks or Money Orders made payable to Lansingburgh Central School District  accompanied by the bottom of your Tax Bill to:
Lansingburgh CSD, c/o First Niagara Bank, PO Box 91066, Rochester, NY  14692-9166

If paying in person with Cash, Checks or Money Orders the payment should be accompanied by the complete Tax Bill.
Taxes shall be paid in person at:

FIRST NIAGARA BANK, 820 Second Avenue, N. Troy, NY 12182 (Phone: 518-235-4600)

Taxes sent overnight via couriers should be delivered to:

Lansingburgh CSD, 576 Fifth Avenue, Troy, NY 12182

Taxes received or postmarked by October 2, 2013 are collected with NO PENALTY.
Taxes received or postmarked 10/3/13 – 10/31/13 will have a 2% PENALTY added.
Taxes unpaid as of 11/1/13 shall be turned over to the county w/additional 7% PENALTY. Please cal lthe county at (518) 270-2755.
Please note that any payments paid after October 15, 2013 should be made with Cash, Certified Check or Money Order to avoid a bounced check.


Q:  Can I pay my school taxes in installments or make a partial payment?
      A:  No, the full amount must be submitted or payment will be returned.
Q:  May I pay for taxes with a credit card?
      A:  No, credit cards are not accepted.  You may pay cash, check or money order.
Q:  How do I apply for the STAR exemption, or my STAR exemption was not applied?
      A:  Contact your assessor through your local town or city hall and they can assist you.
Q:  I received a bill, however, I no longer own the property, what should I do?
      A:  Forward the tax bill to the new owner or send it back to the district with the new
          owners name and address, if known. 
 Q: I did not receive my school tax bill, what can I do?
      A: Use the following link"2013-14 School Tax Bill Lookup"
Call the Lansingburgh Business Tax Office at 518-233-6850 x33408



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